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Notworking vs Networking? What’s the difference? | Oliver Thompson | Pulse | LinkedIn


  • April 18, 2017

    @Pensanet and @IHOP1 are teaming up together with cowork @annex in Pensacola to create a creative atmosphere for all sorts and kinds of business minded and artistically focused people and groups in a sustainable series of mentored forums who’s key focus is shared resources, ideas, and information.

    The cowork annex is providing the most impressive environment ever launched in Pensacola for a commune of minds and ideas in a “NotWorking” environment.

    Notworking is unlike Networking in the sense that we are not here trying to “sell” to each other or get referrals to “sell” to others. We are simply desiring an environment of sharing, teaching, coaching, mentoring, encouraging, and what ever other ______ings we can invent to sustain the furtherance of the groups and forums.

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