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If You Build It | Harvard Medicine Magazine

July 18, 2017 @ 1:56 am
The term “rural” conjures a range of landscapes across this nation, those diamond deserts, redwood forests, golden valleys that Woody Guthrie sang belonged to all of us. It is a big country, but it’s not an empty one. Twenty percent of the nation’s population lives in regions outside major metropolitan areas, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. These regions, however, are not thriving, and towns still struggle to recover from recent economic downturns. Source: If You Build It | Harvard Medicine Magazine

Good Communication Requires Experimenting with Your Language

Good Communication Requires Experimenting with Your Language -

Why It’s Time to Re-Imagine Selling for the 21st Century

It’s time to change our mindset when it comes to selling in the 21st Century. During my time as a senior executive in hi-tech, corporate America, I helped large internal sales organizations develop and execute their sales strategies globally. I had a front row seat to growing large businesses and being on the leading edge of integrating technology into our go-to-market strategies. There were massive successes. For example, we propelled Cisco Canada from #6 to #2 in global revenue for the company in 2010, with $1.9B in product and services sales. This was done with a 21st century mindset using [...]

Future Strong Heroes Among Us

One of the reasons I continue my research — over a million people so far — is to stay hopeful, to stay strong for those who need hope and who are worthy of praise. Like those who found me while I was writing and sharing my new book, Future Strong. In my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me. In a couple hours, I’ll be teleconferencing with yet another leadership team that doesn’t get it, but thinks it does, and is holding back tens of thousands of amazing people. That saddens me. Sickens me. Pisses me off. [...]

The Ultimate Resiliency Secret: Choosing Well – Switch & Shift

Resiliency is a core part of long term success, but what is the secret to resiliency? Choosing well. Understanding the craft of choosing well is the foundation of resiliency. The Ultimate Resiliency Secret: Choosing Well Do you remember the “good old days?” At least it seemed as if our parents’ or grandparents’ lives were so much easier. Those were the days when life seemed to work in a straightforward, linear fashion. You went to school. You chose college or a technical trade. You got married. Maybe you had kids. You retired. You died. Today, only death remains of that prescribed [...]

How the Best Managers are Really Coaches

January 25, 2016 @ 3:48 pm
Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.                                 – Timothy Gallwey Looking back on our childhood, most people remember at least one mentor or coach who said or did something that really made an impact on their lives. Whether it was a tweak to our baseball swing, an encouraging word when the odds weren’t looking good, or just making the team feel like a real family, great coaches and mentors somehow managed to bring out the best in everyone. Some [...]

Is Employee Morale More Important Than the Bottom Line?

January 25, 2016 @ 2:54 am
When it comes to the bottom line, do you control the numbers or do the numbers control you? Most if not all business owners will answer: “The former, but there are a lot of factors that influence where we land in terms of profits.” I think it would be tough to find a business owner or executive who says they are completely controlled by the market. We prefer to think of ourselves as influencers in the world, as movers who proactively determine our share of the market. But the focus on market share is disingenuous. If we are focusing exclusively [...]

What is considered proper attire for the sales world today?

Check out the new move "The Intern" Robert De Niro gives us a taste of professionalism in this wonderful comedy about age and the mysteries of etiquette.   Starting a new job can be a difficult challenge, especially if you're already retired. Looking to get back into the game, 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) seizes the opportunity to become a senior intern at an online fashion site. Ben soon becomes popular with his younger co-workers, including Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the boss and founder of the company. Whittaker's charm, wisdom and sense of humor help him develop a [...]
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